RimWorld MMO - RimPlanet
Play RimWorld in a new way - ONLINE!

Build your colony on the same planet as thousands of other players.

Trade, Raid and Have fun with other players!
How is it possible?
Rimworld is a single-player game, but we converted it to online experience.
Rimworld OnlineCity Mode
OnlineCity is an online game module for the RimWorld. It allows multiple players to play on the same planet online.
High performance server
We are hosting a powerful server which can handle thousands of players playing at the same time.
Discord Community and Game-masters
We are constantly introducing activities on the server that affect every player on the planet. You can form factions or join existing ones to change the state of things in the game world.
How It Works
Buy RimWorld on Steam
Our server works only with the official game clients. You have to support the initial developers of such a great game!
Discord is required for many social features on the server. As well it will be your profile to log in the server.
Install Mods required for online and play
Find detailed instruction how to join closed Alpha test in our Discord Community
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