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Are you a creator in Core Games? Let's collaborate!
Some words about us
We are a game studio named EndoWorlds that originated within the Core Games ecosystem by Kirch, Arudo and Yeahkich.

We've created over 10 successful titles, including hits such as Mining Magnate and Honey Magnate, as well as many other original games that have found their audience.

If you read it, you probably know us.
What do we offer?
We offer you all the advantages we have being the Top creator in Core Games
We will publish your new games
Are you tired of your new games not getting players at release, so you feel the time spent on it as lost?

We will include it in our ecosystem of games and provide portals to it. So your new game will get the guaranteed audience you need to start improving it.
We will provide you existing game which you can operate with your team
Are you an experienced team and are worried that your efforts are not comparable to the results because your audience is small?
You can get the existing well-known game and develop it as it is your own. Imagine what you could do with Mining Magnate, which is played by tens of thousands of people a month?
Exit from the valley of death
Your game once performed well, but now it has almost zero DAU? It's time to bring new players from our ecosystem to it in order to return it to its former glory.
The only requirement is that you have to show what you are proud of. It must be made on the Core Games platform.

Whether you are a talented loner, or a close-knit team, if you know how to make cool games from start to finish, then we are on the way.
What the conditions?
Long story short, we believe that receive a piece of a huge pie is better than get your own little cake.
Revenue share
This is the foundation of partnerships, to have a shared goal. Together we can do more than individually.
Up-front payments
If you have already invested a lot of time and effort into a new game, we will pay some amount of money in advance. Thus, your headache, in order to recoup the invested time, will turn into our shared one, since we need to recoup the invested money.
Providing contractors, collaborators or help with hiring
You can count on Arudo to do some part of Art for you. Or Kirch will write some of the code. Aswell Yeahkich can make you a model to design your game.
We will provide all our internal development and analytics tools and support with our expertise or find those who have it. Also, we have an extensive network among other Creators and a good reputation and we will do our best to strengthen your team.
Let's build virtual worlds TOGETHER
If you are interested, write and we will discuss the details!
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