Are you ready to build your world of utopia in a technologically advanced society?
What this server about?
We're tired of players leaving the servers without ever reaching the main content in the eco.
Think Big
From the very beginning, you will have all the advantages of technology for the implementation of your global projects. You don't have to swing a pickaxe for days to dig a tunnel, just use an excavator.
Working government
It is impossible to make any decisions if you are in the Stone Age. On our server, the government really plays a big role, since technology has a very strong impact on the planet.
No meteor
Shooting down a meteor is too easy and does not require the involvement of the entire server. Every season on our server there is a new goal, which cannot be achieved without collective collaboration.
Our server configuration is available to launch rockets to space!
-Intel® Core™ i9-9980XE Extreme Edition Processor
- 128GB Ram

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