Restless Ducks run out from farms!
Bring the ducks back to the farm - Earn tokens - Improve the farm - Earn even more - Repeat
First Play To Earn game in Roblox Metaverse!
The game is made by merging existing NFT-game Waves Ducks with Roblox Experience.
Players own this game as well as the earnings it is producing!

Developed and operated by EndoWorlds game studio which created over 20 games in Metaverses for millions of players.
How Play To Earn for free?
1. Install Roblox
2. Launch a game: "Ducks Farm"
3. Bring ducks to the barn and get Points
4. Exchange Points to GAME SHARES
6. Get Passive Income!

Play For Free
FAQ gamers
How can I get Points?
Just play a game and bring Ducks to the Barn. Each Duck will give you 1 Point.
Don't forget to set up a team with a friend, then you will earn Points much faster!
How to transfer Points from Roblox?
1) Press a "Transfer" button in-game.
2) Write your Waves Wallet address. (if you have none - register here)
3) Press "Ok!" - all your points will be transferred from Roblox
The Transfer is absolutely for free!
How to claim Game Shares tokens?
1) Every Player Point you transferred from Roblox can be exchanged for GAME SHARES represented by $ENDO token, the available amount is listed here
2) Press the "Claim" button
3) You will need to pay a small amount of "Waves" as a transaction fee - 0.003 Waves (if you have no Waves - buy it at Waves.Exchange);
How to increase my earnings?
You can spend some earned $ENDO tokens to get multiplied Points on transfer here
Every level you will achieve will multiply Points at Transfer
What is $EGG?
$EGG is the main currency of the Waves Ducks game. It has high liquidity, you can change it to USD at SWOP.FI or spend it in Waves Ducks game to earn much more by becoming a farmer or reinvest into game!
Where $EGG earnings comes from?
It come from Collective Farm in Waves Ducks game
FAQ farmers
What? I am already playing?
Yes! Waves Ducks is an open blockchain game, so we can see which Ducks are not busy at farming and put them in our game.
We do not have control of your Ducks, just giving you extra GAME SHARE tokens absolutely for free for each Duck out of perch.
What for I need to upgrade my farm?
We added all farms from Waves Ducks at "trial" mode with level 1, so you can check how it works without investments.
But, if you would Upgrade your Farm at least to level 2 - you will get +100% more earnings just in a moment! Also, your farm will be chosen more frequently by players which affect your earnings as well.
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