Core Invitational Game jam
EndoWorlds application
Who we are and why you should invite us to this contest?
Some words about us
We are a game studio named EndoWorlds that originated within the Core Games ecosystem, consisting of 3 people working full time.
We've created over 10 successfull titles, including hits such as Mining Magnate and Honey Magnate, as well as many other original games that have found their audience.
Our team
We all have a lot of experience in creating IT products, but we started making games inside Core 8 months ago
Kirill Chuvakov aka Kirch
Programming and management
Kirill is responsible for programming and team management. In the past, he was involved in the creation of large-scale products as an entrepreneur and product director at fast growth companies, which helps him allocate team resources so that per unit of labor spent, deliver the maximum amount of content to the players.
Aru Dir aka Arudo
Art and Narrative design
Arudo, constantly finds unusual ways to make something unique. All the worlds first appear in his head, and then are transferred to the game engine. He also has a lot of experience in modeling and painting, but the main technique he uses in his work is kitbashing and fantasy. You can check his Artstation
Kirill Klimov aka Yeahkich
Game and Level design
Kirill is a master of numbers, because what is a game if not an exciting journey from one number to another? Experienced in creating large SAAS IT products, he builds monstrous models that take into account all aspects of the game to keep players as long as possible.
Several of our games in Core
Beekeper simulator. Gather your army of bees and get all the honey!
Mining simulator. Dig, earn, upgrade, grow your pet. Most played game on the platform
Multiplayer hidden object puzzle adventure game. Welcome to mystical London full of secrets. Help the local police solve crimes in this detective game
We also made games with hundreds of thousands plays in Roblox and other platforms
The game we will make during the competition
What is this game about?
3rd person round-based multiplayer shooter where you need to destroy enemies' base by building and coloring structures
Unique technology
We made a unique technology for Core Games that allows players to interact with tens of thousands of mutable objects without network lags.
Colorful mix of old good games
Initially we were inspired by the Bed Wars genre, which is familiar to many Minecraft and Fortnite players, but we are adding mechanics of repainting the whole world, like from the game Splatoon.
We create a PvP game on the one hand, and a sandbox with construction on the other. So every match will be unique.
What will we do besides developing the game during the contest?
Closed Alpha playtests
We have a huge community of gamers in Discord, who help us to make well-polished games since the release
Community Content
We are aiming to share our expertise with other creators in Core, so we will share in details the whole process of the game development and provide pre-built functionality for those who will be inspired of some features of our game.
Tik-Tok videos during development
We are making very colorfull and stylish game, so we will share process of development for Tik-Tok audience
Our mission
Why we are making games in Core?
Our studio is called EndoWorlds, which means "The Inner Worlds".
We believe and are working with companies like Manticore to immerse humanity in the metaverse, the better version of reality.
While platforms create the technological opportunity for immersion in the metaverse, we are creating virtual worlds in which people would like to live.
We think globally from the start, regardless of the size of the team, making virtual experiences that can be scaled up.
What are you waiting for?
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